Welcome to “Conscious Leadership Week” at Hell Yes Creative

What kind of leaders should learn improv? The kinds of leaders that don’t respond well to change because they are set in their ways. The kinds of leaders that are too busy clinging to old patterns to be curious about new ones. The kinds of leaders who lead unconsciously.

Conscious leaders, however, live in the moment. They are experts at adapting to change because they are always learning. They foster creative energy for themselves and others. Learning improv will not only lead to more conscious leadership, the change will be noticeable and swift.

Every day this week we’re diving into a new way that improv helps you be a more conscious leader. Schedule a call today (go@hellyescreative.com) to explore what improv coaching looks like for you or your business.

DAY 1: How would being a conscious leader change your career?

You’d learn that every experience, good or bad, can be a positive one because there’s always a lesson to be learned. Improv training is not only fun, but it drills this message into you effortlessly.

We teach our students that “there are no mistakes, there are only gifts.” Imagine what bringing this mentality into the workplace can do for your team.

This sales call didn’t go as planned. No need to let it derail your afternoon, surely something good came from it.

The meeting went longer than expected. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of it, what possible GOOD came from it?

Improv arms you with the skills to be a conscious leader. When you lead consciously you are contributing to a productive and pleasant work environment.

Chris Trew teaches improv classes to people and to businesses, online and in-person. Ready to become a more conscious leader? Schedule a call today.

Conscious Leadership Week was inspired by the book 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp.

Hell Yes Creative is run by Chris Trew.



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Chris Trew

Chris Trew


Hi, I’m Chris Trew. I run Hell Yes Creative and am forever on tour. I wrote How to Start a Comedy Scene from Scratch, Improv Wins, and Behind The Bench. #NOLA