Want to be less stressed? Learn improv comedy

TL;DR: Learn improv, avoid burnout, be happier and funnier

Chris Trew
2 min readMay 16, 2022


If your stress management game plan is to avoid it completely, I’ve got terrible news for you.

If you acknowledge that stress happens but you believe there’s nothing you can do about it, keep reading .

If you are ready to implement a strategy for stress management, you’re in the right place.

Let’s start with the basics: Working with an improv comedy coach makes your life better in a handful of meaningful ways. Yes, learning how to read a room and speaking with confidence is great. Understanding comedy formulas and communicating more charismatically is great, too. But today we’re focusing on the stress management side of learning improv.

Because hot damn is this exciting to say out loud: learning improv comedy will make you less stressed.

When you lift weights, your muscles grow bigger as a response to the stresses of physical activity. This 100% applies to your brain as well. Those crossword puzzles you do are like taking your brain for a walk — this is great! But learning improv is like doing crossfit for your brain (without the injury risk, of course) — this is way better.

For most of us, stress management is all about how you think about it. Improv teaches you how to accept challenges and unexpected events. Since you cannot control what your scene partner says in improv, you get really comfortable with not knowing what will happen next. This trains your brain to be unattached to outcomes, which makes you a more present, happy human.

Present, happy humans are less stressed! When something perceived as “bad” happens in an improv scene, you roll with it. That mentality makes its way to your everyday life sooner than you think.

I’ve worked with people and businesses all over the world. From public speakers to entrepreneurs, from creative professionals to people who are sorely lacking creativity in their life. Contact me if you’d like to explore what working with an improv coach can do for your mental health. DMs on all social media channels are open, or you can email go@hellyescreative.com.

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