Introducing Team Hell Yes

An innovating group coaching program

I know how to use improv comedy techniques to help people become more charismatic communicators.

I know that when people learn this art form they become more confident public speakers.

They feel younger. They stress less. They laugh more, and they make others laugh more.

They live life in the moment.

My love for using improv to help people has never wavered, but it was absolutely challenged last year. So I used 2020 to figure out how to take my life’s work and execute it on a Zoom call.

Could it be as transformative? Could it be as fun? Would I enjoy doing it?

I’ve performed in notable festivals and conferences all over the country. I’ve opened up a handful of comedy venues, started my own festivals, and produced thousands of events.

But this new program is what I’m most proud of because I’ll be able to help more people in more meaningful ways.

Yes, it’s just as transformative.

Yes, it’s just as fun.

Hell Yes, I enjoy the hell out of it.

⚡️ My new program, Team Hell Yes, starts in November ⚡

I’m merging improv comedy techniques with group coaching to help people be more charismatic and confident communicators.

Book a 15 minute call with me today so I can learn more about your desired outcome. If it’s a good fit I’ve got special pricing for October since we’re still in the launch phase. The price is going up in November.

(and feel free to share this postwith that person who you know would benefit from this)

I appreciate you reading and SO look forward to meeting you on Zoom next week.

Chris Trew

Hi, I’m Chris Trew. I run Hell Yes Creative and am forever on tour. I wrote How to Start a Comedy Scene from Scratch, Improv Wins, and Behind The Bench. #NOLA