3 ways you can bring the fun back into work

When was the last time you described your job as “fun”? Does your boss make you laugh? Are your co-workers funny?

Chris Trew
3 min readMay 10, 2022


The truth is that some of y’all aren’t having any fun at your job. No inside jokes, no playful rituals, just the same old, same old. Here’s 3 ways you can bring the fun back into work.

1. Start Meetings With This “Weird Observations” Exercise

To break the ice and shake up your boring routine, go around the room and have everyone give a bizarre compliment to someone else in the meeting. These should be absurd, made-up observations as opposed to real life stuff.

Think “James, the way you ran an entire marathon this morning before work was really impressive” as opposed to “James, I like your pants.”

It will get people in the habit of using their creative brains while also going with other people’s ideas. When James is acknowledged for his morning marathon, he should respond with an enthusiastic “Thanks!”

2. Play “7 Things” throughout the day

This is my all-time favorite improv warm-up because it gets the participants out of their head and into their ideas. It’s so simple: everyone has to give a list of 7 made-up things while not overthinking any of them.

“Mary, make up 7 new ice cream flavors”

“Patrick, what are 7 things you wish you could keep in your pocket”

“Sam, name 7 things you would do on Mt. Everest”

When you have to answer the same question 7 times in a row you get used to the idea of generating ideas and not painstakingly passing judgment on every single one. The point is to move quickly, being unattached to the “quality” of each answer.

This exercise gets people out of their heads and into idea generating. It also lightens the mood while raising the energy. It’s so good. Do it at random times throughout the day.

3. Have a monthly improv class

Sure, happy hours can be great. Yeah, trivia nights or escape rooms get your mind off work and help you connect with your colleagues. But a regular improv class for your company can not only increase productivity, it brings the fun back into work.

Imagine a once a month class where you practice spontaneity, listening, and teamwork. You’ll become a better co-worker and innovator organically. Plus you’ll laugh a ton in the process.

Having the class monthly also increases the chances of the material sticking, as you’ll build momentum, learning real life comedy techniques that are designed to make your professional (and personal) life easier and more enjoyable.

Ready to learn how a monthly improv class can work for your business? Get in touch with me today. Classes are held on Zoom and in-person.

Recent team building clients include the NYC Public Library (Queens, NY), Third Man Records (Nashville, TN), and Let’s Roam (Denver, CO).

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